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[21:58] [•] You have joined the channel [us], use the command /who to list the online members on this channel.
[21:58] [e2] [Mincermouse2#0000] didnt furries lose the war..?
[21:58] [e2] [Crow#6576] idk
[21:58] [e2] [Urwa#8194] what war
[21:58] [e2] [Crow#6576] too much drama i dont keep up with
[21:58] [e2] [Mincermouse2#0000] bRUH
[21:58] [e2] [Mincermouse2#0000] YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT THE FURRY VS GAMER WAR??
date: 2020-01-15 04:00:08